Ventura Chapter of IPSSA

Sick Route Plan


IPSSA Inc., with over 2,700 members is the largest pool service organization in the country and is dedicated to helping the service person when he or she becomes sick or injured. For a few dollars worth of chemicals, plus a small amount of time, you have the most inexpensive income insurance found anywhere.


As a member you are also covered by a $3,000,000 business liability insurance policy. Not covered are pool stores, new pool and spa construction, or damages from draining vinyl or fiberglass pools.


Route cards


Route Cards (IPSSA form SR1) will be maintained by and the responsibility of each regular member. These cards inform other IPSSA members to the particulars of individual accounts that need servicing under this Sick Route Plan. Route Cards determine the type of service for the pool.


Coverage Cards (IPSSA form SR2) will be filled out by regular member and maintained by the Sick Route Chairman in order to help allocate Sick Route pools to members already servicing a particular area. New Coverage Cards must be submitted at least once a year in January.


All members must have a coverage card (SR2) to the Sick Route Chairman within 30 days of membership to IPSSA. Failure to do so results in your suspension until list is turned in. It is up to each member to have his/her pool route cards (SR1) updated because only those pools documented will be covered by the Sick Route Plan. 


Failure to fill out Route Cards will automatically assign the member to cover all areas.


Boundaries for The Sick Route Plan


Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard, Ojai Valley, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Simi, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park




  1. The Sick Route Plan is compulsory for all regular members whose pools are within the sick route boundaries. Any member who 1) refuses to service pools for a sick member or 2) has a complaint filed against him due to neglect on his part will be subject to a grievance committee hearing, of which the results could bring about suspension, or expulsion from IPSSA. Location of the pool route, not the members residence, is one determining factor for coverage by Sick Route Plan.

  2.  The servicing member's obligation under this plan will not extend beyond cleaning the pool or spa, emptying the baskets, adding the necessary chemicals and backwashing the filter.

  3. A qualifying member will have coverage up to a 2 week period. This can be extended by the Chapter Board at their discretion. This extension will be based upon the seriousness of the sickness or injury. Notification from the attending physician is required within one week of informing the Sick Route Chairman that coverage will be needed.

  4. Sick Route coverage can last up to 180 days under this Sick Route Plan.

  5. If you receive notification on an answering machine that there are pools you need to service under this plan, you must return the call within 24 hours, Failure to return call within 24 hrs. will be considered refusal to participate.

  6. Sickness or injury will not be covered within 7 days of notification that coverage will be needed and the submitting of sick route cards to the sick route chairman.

  7. IPSSA and its members will not be required to cover any single pool more than twice a week.

  8. Servicing member must service the pool the first week assignment is given regardless of the weather.

  9. On your first visit to a sick member's pool, go to the door, introduce yourself and advise the customer of your schedule.  If no one is home, please leave a door hanger explaining the details of coverage.

  10. Always take care of a sick member's pool as well as you would if it were yours.  You may be assigned a pool you wouldn't care to service yourself but remember that it represents income to the sick member and your obligation to service it is only temporary.

  11. Under no circumstances will the servicing member solicit or accept sick member's pools, even if the customer wants him/her to start servicing the pool.  Please explain to the customer that it would be unethical for you to accept the account since we are trying to help out a fellow member.

  12. The pools assigned to you must be done by you and not your employee(s).

  13. All members are expected and required to be proficient in servicing commercial and residential pools and spas and be knowledgeable of HEALTH DEPT. REQUIREMENTS.

  14. Do not give this Sick Route Chairman a hard time when he calls to give you an assignment.  Remember, this could be you he is helping next time.

  15. You will be notified from the sick member or the Sick Route Chairman when you can stop servicing the member's pools.

Reimbursement of Expenses

  1. You are not permitted to charge a sick member's customer for any product or service without first obtaining permission from the sick member.

  2. Servicing member may (but is not obligated to) charge the sick member at the wholesale cost of chemicals used for commercial accounts.

  3. The servicing member must keep written records of the quantity and type of chemicals used for the purpose of reimbursement of commercial accounts.

  4. The sick member must pay servicing member by check within 30 days of receipt of bill.


  1. In cases of equipment breakdown, the sick member will be notified first.  With authorization and an agreement on the repair price you can then give an estimate to the customer.


  1. New members will not be covered for pre-existing conditions or elective surgery for their first six months in IPSSA but will be covered for any accident-injury or hospitalization during that time.

Death Benefit Plan

  1. In the event a member dies and upon request from the spouse, a Chapter Board member will be appointed to assist the spouse pertaining to the member's business.

  2. Arrangements will then be made with the Sick Route Chairman, if so desired, by the surviving Spouse to have the member's pools covered for not more than 12 months at which time the accounts will then be considered "Paid For In Full" and transferred to the servicing member's business.

  3. Chemicals will be supplied by the surviving spouse.

  4. IPSSA will not be responsible for the sale or transfer of ownership of any accounts of the surviving spouse.  A written agreement should be written up with the surviving spouse pertaining to the transfer of the accounts at the close of the 12 month period.

  5. IPSSA will not be responsible for the sale or transfer of ownership of any accounts of the surviving spouse.  A written agreement should be written up with the surviving spouse pertaining to the transfer of the accounts at the close of the 12 month period.

  6. Death in a member's family will be covered as soon as possible for a period of 1 week.  This can also be extended with the approval of the chapter board.

  7. If a survivor wishes to retain the business, route coverage may continue for six months after the members death with an option for a six month extension upon board approval.





IPSSA is not liable or responsible for the quality of servicing member's work, customer complaints, loss of account or any related matter other than to hear the matter before a grievance committee which could result in the servicing member being suspended or expelled from IPSSA.


If You Need Coverage For an Illness or Injury


  1. Please contact the Chapter Sick Route Chairman as soon as possible.

  2. You must have a written statement from your attending physician delivered to the Sick Route Chairman within one week of notifying him/her that coverage is needed.

  3. You must be a member in good standing including all fees having been paid.

  4. You must submit completed, legible Route Cards (SR1) to the Sick Route Chairman before your pools can be routed.  It is advisable to keep these cards filled out and updated on an ongoing basis to be available in an emergency.  Remember... No route cards, no coverage!

  5. You must be available, if your condition permits, to attend Chapter Board Meetings if requested to apprise the chapter officers of your progress and rehabilitation.

  6. You may not accept any new business that would require any new Sick Route Coverage from chapter members while on your disability.


If you have any questions concerning the preceding information or any Chapter policy, Please contact the appropriate Chapter Officer or Chairman.